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T for T

About a week ago, I stumbled upon an FTM progress video. The video featured an update on emotional effects and noticeable physical changes after being on testosterone. Yes, I came across and watched a transition video; which, to my surprise, got me curious. I don’t know. With 80% of my batchmates in the nursing field, (and being gay) I cannot recall having a conversation about Transgenders. Let alone, testosterone shots. With that said, I apologize.

But here’s the good thing, while watching that video, (and a few more related clips) I felt happy. Genuinely. It’s nice to watch how they all looked so content; with the process, results, and even with how people reacted around them!

I’ve watched videos of monthly updates of being on testosterone, growing hair in every corner of their body (even a beard!), some have bad cases of acne (sad, but common, they say) and the progression of the voice. Just wow. There are people on T for a couple of years and are still documenting the journey. I’ve seen such amazing progress in almost all of them. And, I like how these videos enlighten me with ‘visible’ effects.

So, I took one hard look at myself and asked: would I want to go through that process? Am I unhappy with how I look now? Would I be happy to take my shirt off outdoors? Am I willing to take that risk?

Honestly, I can’t answer. But this I’m sure of – I’m happy for them. And hopeful for those who are attempting transition. Their tremendous amount of courage is inspiring!


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