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I Suck

I am not proud to say, but I admit that I have spiraled down and have become a failure at adulting. I don’t get that word. It’s like the standards have been set so high, that actually achieving that ‘title’ is a lot like winning a championship in any type of sport.

From where I’m from, there ain’t a lot of opportunities for those who are beyond 25 years old. The discrimination in age, physical appearance, and sexual orientation are in the extreme levels. Job ads here would demand applicants should be ‘with pleasing personality’, at least this tall and with extra impressive talent in selling yourself. Well, all that in exchange for a contract-based and (sadly, sometimes) a pay that’s below minimum rate. Sad? Yeah, it is.

Again, I have tried and sent applications to jobs which I’m qualified for… and none of the companies sent replies. At this point, I would even appreciate a notice of not getting an interview slot. Even just that. I am frustrated and I don’t think I’d want to do anymore of this… but then, a lot of horrible scenarios come into my mind… making me think again.

I am turning 31 this year and I am nowhere near achieving anything worth mentioning. I am at a standstill and pretty much without an idea of what to do next.


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