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Trying Tim Ho Wan

I am not a picky eater. I just make boring food choices. And when I heard about this particular restaurant, the feedbacks sounded good. But since I didn’t want to line up, I waited for the hype to subside. Almost two months after opening, there was still a line. I waited about 10 minutes to be seated…

for this:

chow mien stir-fried noodles 》 130

Kidding. I had spare ribs rice (170) and their famous pork buns (145/3). They were so good I forgot about taking photos!

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Love Affair with Korean Food


If you are looking for a place to try Korean rice cakes, I would suggest ‘Toppokki Man.’ The place offers some of the best tasting ricecakes and tonkatsu! What you see up there? Total bill adds up to P360. You won’t regret it! (And please. I’m not paid to advertise. I love the place in spite of it being an hour away from my house!) It’s located at the arcade beside USC- Talamban campus. Gooo!