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I Suck

I am not proud to say, but I admit that I have spiraled down and have become a failure at adulting. I don’t get that word. It’s like the standards have been set so high, that actually achieving that ‘title’ is a lot like winning a championship in any type of sport.

From where I’m from, there ain’t a lot of opportunities for those who are beyond 25 years old. The discrimination in age, physical appearance, and sexual orientation are in the extreme levels. Job ads here would demand applicants should be ‘with pleasing personality’, at least this tall and with extra impressive talent in selling yourself. Well, all that in exchange for a contract-based and (sadly, sometimes) a pay that’s below minimum rate. Sad? Yeah, it is.

Again, I have tried and sent applications to jobs which I’m qualified for… and none of the companies sent replies. At this point, I would even appreciate a notice of not getting an interview slot. Even just that. I am frustrated and I don’t think I’d want to do anymore of this… but then, a lot of horrible scenarios come into my mind… making me think again.

I am turning 31 this year and I am nowhere near achieving anything worth mentioning. I am at a standstill and pretty much without an idea of what to do next.

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A mini rant, that’s all

For the last couple of weeks, I have sent applications to not less than 15 local-based companies but haven’t heard from any one. Not a single phone call. This is disappointing. I don’t know what’s wrong or whether I missed anything or what? I may not have the most appealing resumé, but I think it’s not the worst out there. Or is it? Was it the font I used? Was it that terrible? 

You see, from where I’m from, job qualifications can be outrageous. And employers quite discriminating. 

True story: In 2015, I tried applying for an office post for a Japanese-owned English school. When I got there, I wasn’t even offered a seat. I was holding on to my resumé when the boss came up to me and said, I had to wear better clothes (like a skirt or dress) and wear makeup to look presentable. What the hell, woman? I wanted to punch her in the face. 

Another true story: I went to an interview for a data analyst post and the questions were borderline comedy. ‘Do you have a passport?’ ‘Do you hold any visa to any country?’ ‘Which countries have you visited?’ ‘Are you the youngest child?’ And finishes our talk with ‘I don’t think you need a job.’ Needless to say, I walked out on her. What an asshat. 

So, yeah. I love my little island (sun, humidity and all) but it definitely isn’t the best when you’re gay… and job hunting. 

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It is 2 in the morning and I haven’t slept. I am okay, though. Not suicidal, not even close to crying. Thanks, coffee. And I think I just figured out why most of my relationships didn’t work out. Why? Age difference. 

A wild mind coupled with unstable emotions always equal to a clash of attitudes… raised to the power of endless argument and misery.

I cannot even begin to explain why I always end up with someone younger. When, clearly, I need someone from the higher age bracket. My mood swings are extreme, I’m stubborn and I make bad decisions. Dating a teen was a disaster in the making. A trip meant to spiral down.  I know. It’s my fault.

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Tell me this isn’t happening.

So, I open my mail (like I always do when I get to work) and saw this email. I literally jumped off my seat, cursed (oops) and it hit me. What the hell is going on?! It’s not even funny anymore. From the discovery of the Korean consulate office in Cebu … to this:


Just when I decided to quit work… these things come out. Like, literally. I can’t even get hold of an employment certificate anymore because after tomorrow, I will be unemployed. I don’t know what this means, or if I’m meant to deal with reality that Korea will remain a ‘goal’ (god knows until when).

Okay, friends. The airline has an ongoing airfare seat sale for numerous destinations within the Philippines and select international destinations. (Korea included!)

Also,Tigerair has this Thursday thing. Fares are seriously cheap for 24 hours.


Flights are to and from Singapore and prices range from $34to $47. Sooo tempting!

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Apparently Closer Now

Okay, I am getting out of my mind now. I am on my last Monday shift in this office. And I just found out that Korea now has a consulate general office… here in Cebu! If ya’ll have read about my previous post about wanting to travel to either Japan or Korea, this is something I did not see coming. Had I known about this? I should have waited a bit before I submitted that damn resignation letter. Anyway.

On a side note, the Korean Consulate is located at: 12/F Chinabank Corporate Center Lot 2, Samar Loop, Corner Road 5, Cebu Business Park. +632-231-1516(-9)/ +632-231-2950 Or you could drop them a line for inquiries at

Unless you plan to be in Korea for more than 59 days, the visa charge is gratis. Free. Head on for more information (aka long line of requirements) on their site for Tourists or if you’re feeling giddy and want to fly the soonest, begin with an application form.

Oh well. I hope there will be another opportunity. I already know that if I went, I’d stuff myself with multiple servings of spicy ricecakes with ramen, kimchi and kimbap. I am sad.


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Love Affair with Korean Food


If you are looking for a place to try Korean rice cakes, I would suggest ‘Toppokki Man.’ The place offers some of the best tasting ricecakes and tonkatsu! What you see up there? Total bill adds up to P360. You won’t regret it! (And please. I’m not paid to advertise. I love the place in spite of it being an hour away from my house!) It’s located at the arcade beside USC- Talamban campus. Gooo!