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Slow Times

Most of the people I know are now settled down, married, or working and living abroad. They say that when you reach 30, all the frustrations come out. You feel envious of other people’s lives or wish you had a more high paying job (or even a job!) All these things run through my mind more often now, and it scares me. Is this okay? Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts, and feel embarassed about myself.

Questions like ‘What have I done with my life?’, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ and ‘Am I even thinking about my future?’ are on my mind. On constant repeat. Honestly, I am at a standstill. I don’t know how to muster up the courage, look at the mirror and tell myself  to ‘Get moving.’ I need to tell myself that. I need to learn how to face adult life and act accordingly. It is hard. But I will try. Should I fail, I guess I’ll have to work harder and try again.

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Trying Tim Ho Wan

I am not a picky eater. I just make boring food choices. And when I heard about this particular restaurant, the feedbacks sounded good. But since I didn’t want to line up, I waited for the hype to subside. Almost two months after opening, there was still a line. I waited about 10 minutes to be seated…

for this:

chow mien stir-fried noodles 》 130

Kidding. I had spare ribs rice (170) and their famous pork buns (145/3). They were so good I forgot about taking photos!

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10,000 Roses Café

I don’t get it why I am so poor with directions when I’m driving in the Mactan area. So poor, that 3 of the last 4 trips I made, I got utterly lost. Yesterday, was no different. My mum wanted to go somewhere she saw on Facebook. I’ve heard about the place, and how it looked beautiful during the evening. Why? LED-powered roses. So, why did I go in the afternoon? Because one, I am not a fan of huge crowds. Two, I can not do night drives. With the nephew and niece in tow, we went. Visitors can park about a few meters away from the café.

20170514_171831Entrance fee》 P20. Citizens above 60 years old get in for free.

20170514_172759_Richtone(HDR)really 10,000?

20170514_173924view on the way to the café

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Now, what?

Well, I haven’t been anywhere in the last couple of months and it sucks. It makes me sad, but this one’s on me. It was my decision to quit work, slack and not find new work. All decisions were mine.

On the brighter side, I’ve pretty much made good decisions. I got out of a miserable and selfish relationship. I quit work. I started to garden. I spent more time talking to my parents. And my sister and I (unbelievably so) are closer to each other.

So, what? 

I’ll look for a job. Soon. For now, the liberty to do anything, anytime makes me happy. It’s just fortunate that I do not have any responsibilities like a child, or a needy partner. I’m good.

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A short and quick update! I am now a 2-week old unemployed human. Well, I’ve been catching up with my reading, spent hours rolling on the floor with my dog, got groceries thrice, went to eat greasy burgers and fries and bought a stand fan. It’s seriously humid now. It’s been raining a lot lately but it does not take away the humidity that envelopes the city where I’m from.

I’ve also gotten Internet connection. Thus, this post. Ha! I was going to look for more online work but Upwork is down and under maintenance. Maybe, later! I’ve also signed up for Jobbatical … only to realize that most jobs they have are for those with Java experience, sales, marketing, programmers and tech people. If you have experience on any of those, good for you!

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Tell me this isn’t happening.

So, I open my mail (like I always do when I get to work) and saw this email. I literally jumped off my seat, cursed (oops) and it hit me. What the hell is going on?! It’s not even funny anymore. From the discovery of the Korean consulate office in Cebu … to this:


Just when I decided to quit work… these things come out. Like, literally. I can’t even get hold of an employment certificate anymore because after tomorrow, I will be unemployed. I don’t know what this means, or if I’m meant to deal with reality that Korea will remain a ‘goal’ (god knows until when).

Okay, friends. The airline has an ongoing airfare seat sale for numerous destinations within the Philippines and select international destinations. (Korea included!)

Also,Tigerair has this Thursday thing. Fares are seriously cheap for 24 hours.


Flights are to and from Singapore and prices range from $34to $47. Sooo tempting!

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Apparently Closer Now

Okay, I am getting out of my mind now. I am on my last Monday shift in this office. And I just found out that Korea now has a consulate general office… here in Cebu! If ya’ll have read about my previous post about wanting to travel to either Japan or Korea, this is something I did not see coming. Had I known about this? I should have waited a bit before I submitted that damn resignation letter. Anyway.

On a side note, the Korean Consulate is located at: 12/F Chinabank Corporate Center Lot 2, Samar Loop, Corner Road 5, Cebu Business Park. +632-231-1516(-9)/ +632-231-2950 Or you could drop them a line for inquiries at

Unless you plan to be in Korea for more than 59 days, the visa charge is gratis. Free. Head on for more information (aka long line of requirements) on their site for Tourists or if you’re feeling giddy and want to fly the soonest, begin with an application form.

Oh well. I hope there will be another opportunity. I already know that if I went, I’d stuff myself with multiple servings of spicy ricecakes with ramen, kimchi and kimbap. I am sad.