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It’s that time of the year!

Visiting any government office is not something I look forward to.  At all. But, the car’s registration needs to be renewed… leaving me no choice but to visit LTO – playground of the most seasoned fixers in the country!

Here’s the thing: if you know the process, no need for their ‘services’ and ‘extra fees.’

Heads up: LTO Mandaue is now in J Center Mall in A.S. Fortuna. They are located at the 3rd floor. 

  1. Visit any LTO accredited emission center and have your car tested. (I went to JC4 Emission and Insurance Services) – 350PHP 63641863_4nhycwbq60wn93krfarvbys_wizy9lylwyewoovtiny
  2. Get your engine/chassis stencil. – 100PHP
  3. Secure insurance. TPL only is acceptable. (I also got this from JC4, for covenience) – 780PHP
  4. Go to J Center Mall for the MV inspection. Inspection area is located beside the PUJ terminal of the mall.  A rep from LTO will provide you a form to fill up for your car details. They will ask to check the basics: lights, wipers and your early warning device (EWD)
  5. Proceed to park in the basement area of the mall. Fixed parking rate of 20PHP Bring the documents and go to the LTO office.
  6. Once inside, give your documents to an evaluator. They will give you a number that looks like this:20180104_113834
  7. Wait for your number to be called. Pay LTO fees. In our case, it was 1830PHP.
  8. Wait for your number to be called again for releasing of your OR/CR.

* Still no stickers available. Consistent for three years! Wow, LTO! I never thought printing of stickers/license cards & plates take that much time!

Total Expenses: 3,080PHP

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For your super delayed parcels, call them. Be nice, BAE!✌

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I Suck

I am not proud to say, but I admit that I have spiraled down and have become a failure at adulting. I don’t get that word. It’s like the standards have been set so high, that actually achieving that ‘title’ is a lot like winning a championship in any type of sport.

From where I’m from, there ain’t a lot of opportunities for those who are beyond 25 years old. The discrimination in age, physical appearance, and sexual orientation are in the extreme levels. Job ads here would demand applicants should be ‘with pleasing personality’, at least this tall and with extra impressive talent in selling yourself. Well, all that in exchange for a contract-based and (sadly, sometimes) a pay that’s below minimum rate. Sad? Yeah, it is.

Again, I have tried and sent applications to jobs which I’m qualified for… and none of the companies sent replies. At this point, I would even appreciate a notice of not getting an interview slot. Even just that. I am frustrated and I don’t think I’d want to do anymore of this… but then, a lot of horrible scenarios come into my mind… making me think again.

I am turning 31 this year and I am nowhere near achieving anything worth mentioning. I am at a standstill and pretty much without an idea of what to do next.

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A mini rant, that’s all

For the last couple of weeks, I have sent applications to not less than 15 local-based companies but haven’t heard from any one. Not a single phone call. This is disappointing. I don’t know what’s wrong or whether I missed anything or what? I may not have the most appealing resumé, but I think it’s not the worst out there. Or is it? Was it the font I used? Was it that terrible? 

You see, from where I’m from, job qualifications can be outrageous. And employers quite discriminating. 

True story: In 2015, I tried applying for an office post for a Japanese-owned English school. When I got there, I wasn’t even offered a seat. I was holding on to my resumé when the boss came up to me and said, I had to wear better clothes (like a skirt or dress) and wear makeup to look presentable. What the hell, woman? I wanted to punch her in the face. 

Another true story: I went to an interview for a data analyst post and the questions were borderline comedy. ‘Do you have a passport?’ ‘Do you hold any visa to any country?’ ‘Which countries have you visited?’ ‘Are you the youngest child?’ And finishes our talk with ‘I don’t think you need a job.’ Needless to say, I walked out on her. What an asshat. 

So, yeah. I love my little island (sun, humidity and all) but it definitely isn’t the best when you’re gay… and job hunting. 

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It is 2 in the morning and I haven’t slept. I am okay, though. Not suicidal, not even close to crying. Thanks, coffee. And I think I just figured out why most of my relationships didn’t work out. Why? Age difference. 

A wild mind coupled with unstable emotions always equal to a clash of attitudes… raised to the power of endless argument and misery.

I cannot even begin to explain why I always end up with someone younger. When, clearly, I need someone from the higher age bracket. My mood swings are extreme, I’m stubborn and I make bad decisions. Dating a teen was a disaster in the making. A trip meant to spiral down.  I know. It’s my fault.

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First Up

I think I need to start with cleaning my closet and get rid of stuff. Like my Korean pop music collection (yep, I was once that kind of fan), books and maybe shirts that don’t fit and whatever I could find. I could give them away or sell them and who knows! I could end up with a little helping fund to buy meself a decent camera. I’ve always wanted to own one and just take photos; but never of myself. More of others, beautiful sights, and inanimate yet fascinating objects.

I’ll start with this and see how it goes. I’ve read somewhere that cleaning out your closet is a way of moving on, and getting rid of what’s useful and what isn’t; like an attempt to start anew.

I know I’m old; but I also know that it’s always never too late!

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T for T

About a week ago, I stumbled upon an FTM progress video. The video featured an update on emotional effects and noticeable physical changes after being on testosterone. Yes, I came across and watched a transition video; which, to my surprise, got me curious. I don’t know. With 80% of my batchmates in the nursing field, (and being gay) I cannot recall having a conversation about Transgenders. Let alone, testosterone shots. With that said, I apologize.

But here’s the good thing, while watching that video, (and a few more related clips) I felt happy. Genuinely. It’s nice to watch how they all looked so content; with the process, results, and even with how people reacted around them!

I’ve watched videos of monthly updates of being on testosterone, growing hair in every corner of their body (even a beard!), some have bad cases of acne (sad, but common, they say) and the progression of the voice. Just wow. There are people on T for a couple of years and are still documenting the journey. I’ve seen such amazing progress in almost all of them. And, I like how these videos enlighten me with ‘visible’ effects.

So, I took one hard look at myself and asked: would I want to go through that process? Am I unhappy with how I look now? Would I be happy to take my shirt off outdoors? Am I willing to take that risk?

Honestly, I can’t answer. But this I’m sure of – I’m happy for them. And hopeful for those who are attempting transition. Their tremendous amount of courage is inspiring!